More About Me

Hello, Cincinnatians! I am Kristin Hutchinson and have lived in this wonderful city since 2015. I was born and raised in Central Illinois. I enjoy cycling, boating, gardening, hiking, and generally anything outdoors. My two cats, Henry and Violet, keep me company, along with my adventurous daughter, Lydia. You can most often find me planting trees in the back yard when I have some free time.

I'm excited to be working with Coldwell Banker as a licensed residential real estate agent. After buying and selling 7 homes of my own, I realized that I enjoy doing this and am motivated to help others make the process simple. Much of my experience with home repairs has been firsthand knowledge. From knob and tube wiring, lathe and plaster, boilers and central air, steel piers, French drains, jack hammers and concrete, to bathroom additions and tuckpointing, I have learned the ropes of home ownership. If I could learn to do everything myself, I would. My Father taught me how to change my own oil in my car when I was in High School and got me up on the roof with my sister to help him replace it when I was a child. These experiences have benefited me in knowing what to look for and what to protect my buyers from. 

My background is in healthcare. I'm still a practicing registered nurse of 30 years, hoping to transition totally into real estate. Currently in the operating room, I've spent many years also in cardiac, post op recovery room, ER, research, sleep center, and starting up a new surgery center in Denver, CO. My determination to give excellent care to you and meet your every need will set me apart from others.  With honesty, integrity, and grit, I will stand by your side and assist you with your next move. Please allow me to be your trusted real estate advisor.